I am still slowly catching up on blogs from 2013 and, so, am now on BHRR’s Dyson’s blog! 🙂 For the blogs that you see ‘new’ beside, you may have to scroll way down to see all updated blog posts as, I am trying to make them date appropriate/relevant.

Below is a VIDEO that was sent my way of when BHRR’s Dyson was at the PV Hazeldean event on August 10th, 2013. 🙂

AND, here is his XMAS photo from December 24th, 2013 as part of our tradition at BHRR!

HE is doing great and while, there is a lot of interest in BHRR’s Dyson, it is all the wrong interest….only the right matched forever loving home for him and, for any of our BHRR dogs. Our success rate was 100% for over 10 years of operating and, now that we are in year 18th, we are 99%. That speaks volumes to how our well our adoption processes are working.

BHRR’s Dyson AUGUST 10th, 2013 VIDEO

IMG_3208 (Medium)
BHRR’s Dyson – December 24th, 2013