October 7th, 2013  – FREEDOM DAY! Welcome to BHRR Breen! 🙂

Named after a very special and dear woman in my life…………very inspirational and a true genuine, kind, thoughtful and beautiful woman!

He is the last of several that were part of a cruelty/hoarding case that the O. got the dogs back three times and they also spent most of a year in a shelter. Thank you to two rescue groups that advocated so strongly for him so, that he too, would have r/q rescue assistance. When we were contacted, it was an honour to step up to assist.

Sadly, we had to wait a few weeks before we had a spot yet, when this day came, I took several photo’s(Two below) and, sent it to the other rescues that had been involved with these dogs, trying to find places for them. NO less than 7 staff/volunteer members of the shelter came out to wish him well, NOT a dry eye in the house, and thank us – YET, I thank them! FOR all that they did! He was a HUGE fav at their shelter and went from very fearful to much more social and outgoing. A bit reserved when you first meet him, shy and unsure yet, he warmed up and, what a sweetie!

A very smelly and skinny sweetie!

photo 1photo 2