BHRR’s Gretta is doing quite well. 🙂 She is staying with me still at this point, over heading back to her approved temp foster home. She has a tiny bit of an infection, and, so, we have changed up her antibiotics. Dr. Asselin did not put staples right to the end of her laceration to give it ‘room’ to drain and so that we could avoid having to put in a drain. Yet, the corner was not healing as well as it should. She has been so good to not lick yet, it has not stopped my PPSS from trying! 😉 GOOBER!

Always a ‘Sean’ Dane, she has really become more and more of one of my bookends – just like her sister, BHRR’s Peanut was with me. 🙂 She is so special and sweet and we continue to be patient for that right matched forever loving home to find her. Yes, it may be easier to get your Great Dane from some other groups out there, yet, our adoption processes plus procedures have proven to be second to none for adoption and, we do not want to fail any of our dogs.

Since her arrival to BHRR for vettting and successful rehabilitation, she has put on almost 25 pounds of muscle mass and weight! WTG! 🙂

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Maggie on behalf of FREEDOM DANE BHRR’s Adele – Mama to BHRR’s Gretta