With all that has gone in the last week+, BHRR’s Ava Marie was unable to have her weigh-in last Wednesday and this week, it looks like it shall have to be pushed back a wee bit further. My goal was to bring her in weekly just to see how progress is being made and I am now planning to bring her in on Wednesday April 14th to see where she stands now. Everything crossed that we are moving forward well! One of her newest best friends and in fact, her closest friend now that he has been neutered is BHRR’s Koop! He seems to instinctively understand that she is not as mobile as his other close playmate BHRR’s Shiva and they just mouth wrestle and play while she lies down. IT is positively precious to watch them. 🙂 I have added new pictures to BHRR’s Ava Marie’s slideshow #20 – #23. I am also adding two below – one that I cannot believe we actually were able to capture, Ava Marie and our EM Guinness actually FITTING on the same dog bed and one that just pulled at my heart; seeing the special needs animals of BHRR’s Ava Marie, BHRR’s Potter and BHRR’s Barkley all outside and staying together and supporting each other; and almost looking out for each other. Truly, this is what it is about for BHRR. Helping those that are in need of our program(s) and we continue to reach out to all of you for your consideration in supporting us to let us keep assisting them AND all the others out there that are in urgent need for BHRR to save them. At this time as our food resources dwindle and our Vet Bills increase; BHRR cannot take on any more animals and it has been a very ‘needy’ spring for requests. We remain just touched and indebted to everyone that has donated blankets(WE need more comforters/duvets), finances and dog food that has allowed us to do what we have to date for the animals! Yet we are unable to help any more until such time as our resources of food increase and our Vet/Rehab bills decrease.  😥

BHRR’s Ava Marie & Guinness – March 2010 & BHRR’s Potter, BHRR’s Ava Marie and BHRR’s Barkley – April 5th, 2010