With BHRR's Bloom's gas bloat and BHRR's Angel Noelle's amputation, BHRR's Torque's Vet visit was rescheduled to last night.

He weighed 46.42 pounds(21.1 KGs) at 17 weeks of age. At the rate that he is growing, he could easily top off around 100 pounds or so – cannot wait to see him mature… He is no long uber skinny and his coat is so soft! HUGE HUGE HUGE hit at KAH! He has become a staff fav for sure. I am loving those eyes the best….yup, another 'eye' dog! 😀

He was microchipped, had a full exam and we did bw. He is still battling pneumonia(he came to us with KC that progressed) and, so, is continuing on Doxycycline 100 mg BID. His lungs are still crackling.

He is eating well, drinking well and, his energy level is much better than it was. He has finished up his de-worming protocol and remains on revolution monthly.

He did not enjoy the car ride in, so, more car rides of just fun are in his future. He did some drooling and a wee bit of crying and, was sad. On the way home, I took him through a Timmie's drive-through and they gave him his very own timbit! THAT made the drive home so much better! 😉

He had a pee accident in his run at the Hospital and, other than that, was a model patient. He rocked through his exam and was a bit shy and nervous, yet, I had the staff armed with treats and his tail just went from wagging a wee bit to more and more and while, it never got up to full 'helicopter' high speed take off, it was swinging low and wide. 🙂

So, as he is still battling pneumonia, I held off on his vaccines. We shall see what this latest course of antibiotics does for him and try again in a month.