I have put BHRR’s Ava Marie on antibiotics. Her side ‘marks’ have begun to really itch and bother her as they are healing and she wants to lick and scratch at them. 😥 She is not very receptive to BHRR’s Koop’s amourous advances and good for her to stand strong! She is truly such a dream! The 2010 Spring Fever Basket Raffle Fundraiser ends tonight, Monday at 9:00 PM EST and we still have tickets available so please consider supporting BHRR’s Ava Marie!!!! All monies raised are going to her ‘Action Assistance’ Fundraiser. He next weigh-in day is Wednesday March 31st and GO AVA MARIE GO! Truly such a ‘dream’ Great Dane. Cannot say it enough! She almost ‘took’ me out a few days ago as she was so excited to see me and swiped at me with her paw and then leaned into me! LOL. BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws would have been so proud of her for that move! LOL What I have to keep telling people is that while she might be a large girl, she is all puppy still! You should see their eyes widen when I say that! 😛 In this damp weather, her right leg has been troubling her a lot and while the left leg is not great either, it is bearing the most weight as she is straining on that right leg. 😥 She still has great days for eating and not so great days and we have been trying a few different types of food and she seems to like the fish and potato brands the best. I have to head out to purchase more Glucosamine plus Omega’s for her as due to her size, she goes through a significant amount. 🙂 She is now taking herself out to the fenced in yard most of the time. Night times seem to make her a bit hesitant yet with us putting all of the lights on, she then trucks on out. She is so feminine and not keen on getting those paws muddy! She enjoys me wiping off her feet when she comes in for her facial expression says it all ‘EWWWWW! ICK! DIRTY!’ Just enjoying Ava Marie sooooooooo much as she stays here with us!