BHRR’s Koop has been fully integrated with all the dogs and sure enough, night #2 was worse than night #1 and we shall see how the rest of tonight goes(it is now after 4:00 AM)! I have not heard word back from my email follow-up with his previous owner in regards to their committed PayPal donation at this time. Thanks to everyone who has emailed their feedback on this matter and we are in total argreement that we will not be making any ‘exceptions’ moving forward and before physically taking any dog from another like this previous owner; any fee will be collected first. I am awaiting to also hear back from legal. It is always that ‘few’ that tend to make it difficult for others. Regardless of the outcome, BHRR’s Koop is scheduled to be neutered next week if all goes well, he has had his second round of Panacur treatment and will receive his third today and I will repeat the cycle in two weeks, he is on Sentinel now and nothing will be spared for his wellbeing. He has been almost half-wild until today with his behavour, not wanting to be touched, directed and held. That is quickly changing. He is now sporting a show collar and he is even coming up to me for some loving. He needs focus, direction and a ‘job’ and he is beginning to actually ‘listen’. I find him responsive to his name at times and others, completely clueless that I am addressing him. His is reacting positively to the structure, routine and consistency at BHRR with Gwennie’s Doggie BootCamp and as he is understands more and more what is expected of him and what is not acceptable; he is going to be one really nice boy. If encouraged, I know he would jump on me and that is not a good Giant Breed behavour to have. I still have to take his height. His closest buds right now seems to be CH. Tain and of course, the ever popular PPSS and we shall see how things fall into place moving forward. 🙂