As the home was having trouble with one of their vehicles on Tuesday, BHRR’s Prince Eggo Belfast’s adoption was pushed to today.

As I had been at their home twice last fall and, dropped off and picked up BHRR’s Prince Eggo Belfast for an extended weekend playdate, and, that the home had already adopted twice now over the years from us(this IW makes #3 adoption from BHRR from this home), I was open to meeting them halfway for the approved home to then bring him back to their place.

So, as we met in a very cold parking lot of Timmie’s… ‘fam’ photo done and the one member of their home was not there either.

YET, here is a short video posted below that I took of BHRR’s Prince Eggo Belfast when I had him at PetSmart not that long ago. GOING to sure miss this boy!!!

He is the 18th, Irish Wolfhound that BHRR has assisted over the last year, 17 were purebreds and 1 mix, BHRR’s Goliath.

BHRR has been rescuing, training and owning Irish Wolfhounds for almost 26 years now. We are the oldest established r/q group out there in our area that has been doing so. Sadly, this is a breed that we are starting to see some serious exploitation with, so please do EMAIL us, if you know of a Wolfie in need. Like all breeds, they are not meant for just anyone.

BHRR’s Prince Eggo Belfast PetSmart Kanata Centrum VIDEO