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BHRR’s Zara-Bean is doing quite well! She is still battling the ‘terror’ of collars and leashes and, cars, yet progress is being made!

I have a mobile Vet – Thanks Dr. G! – that comes out to see her at BHRR for she is just not handling the stress of a Vet Hospital environment well. He says to monitor her eyes and, that she does not require any surgery at this time, and, may not ever need surgery. As she has aged, her eyes have greatly improved. She was once prone to eye infections as she has developed, she has not had need of any medications in many months. If/when she does require to have to have surgery, she will have it!

She is a bossy bit of goods here and sassy to boot! 😀 AND, could afford to lose a pound or two – she loves her food and those, around her! 😉

Not much that I cannot do with her yet, she will always have the ‘ability’ to fear bite if not handled correctly and, that combined with her very strong Neo(possibly Rottie too) temperament, I am even more careful not to set her up for failure, show her boundaries and, at the same time, show her that we have rules at BHRR and, she is no exception to those rules…. 😉 What a gorgeous dog!

Below are some photo’s of her XMAS Eve Photo Shoot at BHRR…took a bit of patience on my part, courage on her part, yet, we got some lovely shots of her! She is maturing into a stunning creature! 🙂

We have made the decision that based upon her history prior to arriving to BHRR and, that we want her set-up for the maximum of success, she will remain a Haven Dog either in our own home or in a right matched perma-foster home. We will continue to work on play dates plus visits to homes of our friends and approved Volunteers to keep building on the strong foundation that is being created at BHRR for her.

What I love best about her is her willingness to please and blow through her obedience and how she looks at me with trust and that I am earning her respect and how that docked tail and butt is a huge wag of happiness. What I like least about her 😉 is her taking everything from towels, to spatula’s, to shoes, to water bottles, to my purse, mitts and anything that she can get her mouth on if your back is turned….in a flash – renovating our sunroom has proven to be quite the challenge! 😉 AND, the fact that she is playful and loving and loyal to me, just makes me feel like I have won a very special lottery…..

It is a constant game at night of her getting up on the bed and me, asking her to get off and then she is up and, I am asking her to get off…. 😀

That she feels comfortable doing so, is wonderful!

IMG_3265 (Medium)IMG_3266 (Medium) IMG_3267 (Medium) IMG_3308 (Medium)
BHRR’s Zara – December 24th, 2013