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BHRR’s Aslan was neutered on Friday January 3rd, 2013. When he was being prepped for surgery, an area that was shaved discovered a small growth around his belly button area.

In examining the area, a lot of ‘pus’ came out and a pustule was thought to be what this growth, lump was. In doing a FNA, it is not pus or debris, it is far more ‘organized’ in matter and cellular make-up and so, we have sent it off to Pathology for diagnosis. Better to be safe than sorry! In conversing with the Vet, they do not believe it to be anything serious yet, for peace of mind, we all agreed that the best thing to do is to send it off for review.

His neuter went textbook and BHRR’s Aslan has been bouncing back from his neuter really well. He weighed 37.5 KGs(82.5 pounds) and, I still would like to see him with more weight on him…he is still a bit on the thin side and ever so active here. Eating is not his top priority!

He has been doing so well with all that he meets. Was a bit nervous with the one male Vet yet, not terrified…..YAY! 🙂

Such a lovely soul.

Some photo’s below. 🙂

photo 1 photo 4
Aslan1jan32013 photo 5
BHRR’s Aslan – sedated and getting prepped for his neuter – January 3rd, 2014