I almost brought BHRR’s Ava Marie into work with me yesterday as she was really pushing my comfort zone of new arrivals to BHRR with the not eating well nor drinking yet I decided to give her a bit more time and she ate her supper well Tuesday night! She wants to drink out of the water bowl yet for some reason cannot bring herself to do it as much as she wants. Progress slowly made though! Also, when I came home from work, she was so happy to see me! She almost knocked me over as she leaned into me! LOL She makes these small ‘sounds’ in her throat to express herself and it is really sweet!!!! She is very interested in the chairs leading to Mason’s room plus the recreation room yet there is no way that she is going to be allowed to do any steps, not with those legs of hers. She seems to have some good moments with her mobility yet often she is very lame and in constant pain. We keep giving her the Deramaxx and I have to say that Ava Marie has the softest of ears that I have ever felt in ages. They are so soft and long and I just love to carress them. She does not seem to mind me bugging her so often just to love on them and her.  😛 I will post an update on her Vet visit to Dr. Liston later today. I have also managed to pick up an extra 8.5 hours of work myself at the Hospital next week to have extra monies to go towards her impending Vet & Rehab Bills. I will also see how many more I can obtain come the month of April. I meant to bring in blood today to do a HWT yet will try to do that on Friday. Thanks so much once again to all of her supporters for their donations and as it is going to be ages for BHRR’s Ava Marie to be able to be placed up for adoption, if ever; she is one of the animals that we are seriously considering being one of the BHRR ambassadors at our 3rd annual Microchip/Nail Trim plus BBQ Fundraiser on Sunday July 18th. we need to get her to lose a considerable amount of weight before she can even have the first surgery. May many of you get the opportunity to meet her then for I know that she would love to pass along her own thanks of gratefulness with leans, drool(do not tell her that I said she drools though for despite her large size, she is all girly!!!) and kisses. One look into her beautiful soft eyes and you, too will become completely enraptured by not just her beauty but her charm. She is such a delight!!!!