I am a bit crushed to write this post….I live with a seizure dog – my PPSS has had idiopathic seizures for over 5 years now, and have owned and been loved by other seizure dogs in my life and we have rescued many over the past, almost 18 years……

I had suspected for awhile that our Dobie Doll was having small seizures and so, delayed putting her up for adoption, talked to her Vets, began to journal….and, then, I thought this last week, that maybe ‘I’ was wrong (she has OCD etc.) and, then two nights ago, BHRR’s Reese had an episode that very much confirmed my worries and I talked to her Vet Team again….bw is normal….and, then just a short time ago, as I was finally getting to bed after another 22 hour day, she had her worse one so far….

Seizure dogs can and do live wonderful lives…and, she can too. I am not worried that any right matched forever loving home could not meet her needs…..she has come so far with communication and social skills and being a dog, that, this is a set back as she withdraws back into herself and is hard to reach… I do not want her to go back to those early days and weeks… She is so confused and scared that she is shutting me out and I cannot ‘reach’ her….

So, at this time, she shall remain in rehab at BHRR and we may have to consider more testing to see of there is a tumour(none was discovered when she first arrived and the specialists were looking into why she was blind and had hearing(that is believed to be from a deep inner ear infection), issues and neuro concerns……is something now showing up?? That they could not find then??

So, my rest which was going to be a most pleasant short one is now filled with questions and worries and concerns…..

For all that have met this absolutely inspirational Bambi Baby, you will agree with me that she is exceptional…..she is miraculous and, more than ever, she needs all of us to continue being there for her and rooting for her…..

As I know more, I shall update…..

I could just cry…..

Deep breath, one step at a time and one test at a time and one decision at a time for her….

May she be ready at another time to be placed up for adoption and that right matched forever loving home finding her and understanding this is another very special thing about BHRR’s Reese and love her…..

BHRR’s Reese December 11th, 2013