Inspirational moment for this week and, actually month if not more!!

My last PRU FREEDOM Dane remains so patiently waiting for that right matched forever loving home meant for her…..while BHRR’s Gretta waits and all of us that love her too…..she just keeps getting better and better. Many can attest to the incredible journey this beautiful Dane has gone on….

From being carried and standing up to sleep to blossoming to the point of her and her sister, BHRR’s Peanut(wonderfully adopted), taking the ‘newbs’ under their wings and, teaching them in turn what chasing and tag and running in play plus happiness meant.

They will never be ‘norm’ in the way that many would consider normal for a dog; yet, for them, they and all the BHRR FREEDOM dogs, my Sir-Bounce-A-Lots included they are becoming the best dogs they can be under he right supportive guidance and love networks…..

I digress…..

A couple of nights ago, BHRR’s Gretta did a ‘first’ for me…..she actually took wet canned food off a spoon to eat. To many, this may seem like a small thing, to a dog like her that had been so abused and neglected, and, socially plus emotionally stunted….it was huge….and, to me huge….objects that she was nervous off and thought could ‘hurt’ her, are now given her examples of delights and hidden pleasures.

For those that ‘get’ puppymill dogs…..they will ‘get’ what I am mean with how absolutely spectacular of a moment this was for me. AND, you better believe that I was screaming and jumping inside my heart and soul of ‘YES’ and, on the outside, passively ignoring as if this happens every day….

So proud of you BHRR’s Gretta and that right matched home out there for you shall find you and they will ‘get’ how special you are!! Right from you nose to toes to tail!!

Beaming over here for she is consistently doing this for me daily now!!