My last post for tonight(my night!) is to be very leery of mats in crates that can have threads pull….
BHRR’s Cancun AKA Mr. Mexico had a lovely cushy mat in his crate and has never chewed or destroyed anything and last night, somehow a thread pulled and wrap itself around one of his toes.
He likes to lay in his crate, especially when the BHRR Purse Puppies are out and I noticed him laying in a position not normal for him – a bit awkward ….I took his collar, encouraged him to come out and he had threads wrapped around one of his toes and his foot was swollen. The rest of his mat was not out of place other than some thread pieces that I noted.
Between Sean & I, we got everything off and nothing is broken and per the Vet, we are in a wait and see pattern to know if he may lose that toe or more. He is on Deramaxx right now and not weight bearing on that back foot.
He had the circulation cut off for a period of time – was not long – yet, long enough to cause a problem.
AND, we have used cushy mats like this in crates for years yet, no longer…….
Please keep him in your thoughts…. 🙁