What was sent my way as an update on this IW…..

“Hey X, we received an Irish wolfhound for euthanasia on Friday.  X spoke to the guy and got info–I spoke to him and said I will find a place for the dog.  Joy and I found a rescue–the same person who has taken many of our dogs–Birchhaven–great place.  I put the dog for surgery on Saturday but wasn’t done.  PLEASE see if it can be done on Monday–Tuesday at the latest–he is leaving on Wednesday or Thursday.  Birchhaven is a proven rescue and an amazing rescue so the dog is going there. The dog has a serious skin issue that could be chronic that’s why brought in for euth.  Dr. examined the dog on Friday, put him on antibiotics and vaccinated him.  I told her I want to get the dog fixed so she said NOT to put the dog on cortisone until after the surgery and the wound has properly healed. “