BHRR has been asked to take in an extra large heavily marked female Great Dane(183 pounds), Ava who has blown both of her cruciates. She was out playing with dogs belonging to the owner`s mother. Her current owner cannot afford to pay for her extensive Vet Bills and she is being surrendered to BHRR. If BHRR did not commit to taking her in; she was at high risk of being put to sleep. At this time, I do not know her age yet it matters naught.  Ava is spayed, her thyroid has been tested(was normal and we will obtain Vet records) and she is utd on vaccines. She is microchipped and we are moving forward with having the owner transfer the legal authority to BHRR on this microchip. I have been told that she came into animal control around 165 pounds and is now overweight at 183 pounds yet we are told the owner is not over feeding her. She is the next one in need of BHRR of our special programs and she will be helped. 🙂 She will have her Rabies Certificate plus Health Certificate papers in order before she crosses the border as she is currently located in NY, USA. If all goes well, I should be meeting the transporter on Sunday March 7th. She will require lots of soft bedding and we are putting out the call yet again for any donations of comforters or duvets to help us assist her through her extensive upcoming rehab. Her Vet bills will be thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars yet BHRR is about helping those SN`s and she needs us. Our upcoming Spring Fever Basket Raffle Fundraiser shall hopefully bring in some much needed funding to help us with her impending Vet plus Rehab bills. A picture was sent our way tonight of BHRR’s Ava and has been added to her slideshow. BHRR will now be full again and BHRR`s Ava is NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!