In having a very detailed conversation about BHRR’s Storm with one of the Vets I work with; it was decided that to try and get her spayed before she ‘cycles’ again so soon. So, we are aiming to spay her within the next month. Her heat is almost over; 28 days this upcoming Saturday February 13th and we shall give her 4 weeks more and she is scheduled to be spayed on Tuesday March 9th. We looked at when she saw the two Vets(for her HC to cross the border plus at her temp fosters) and the timeframe of them believing she was exiting a heat and then when she went back into a heat; we do not want to take the chance of her cycling yet again. It is not good on them to do so that frequently and it is hard to maintain what gain we have had on her in the weight department. We tallked about any risks with her due to her uterus not being given a minimal of 6 weeks to get back to normal yet she is on the smaller side of being a GD and after weighing up all the pros/cons and risks/benefits; I feel comfortable at this time booking her within the next 4 weeks. At our BHRR Mini Open House on Saturday; she was clearly ending her heat cycle for she had very little interest in the neutered males or even females and her tolerance for them having any interest in her was greatly decreased. BHRR’s Porridge was the only one that clearly showed interest in her and Storm was always quick to ‘correct’ him. I guess Porridge does not realise he is actually neutered and has been for a long long long time! I brought back my one show boy from being with his handler on Monday night(he had been losing too much weight in smelling her) and he is no longer whining or crying(which means a better night sleep) and is eating a lot better now. If she had not cycled so fast, I would hold off to 6 weeks from her end of heat; yet the chances are high that she will cycle again really soon. I want to do what is her the best interests of her health plus wellbeing.