BHRR’s Rose had her special picnic date on Sunday November 24th and here is what her date had to say:

“She is such a sweetie I’m very surprised you’ve had no apps.  I don’t find her skittish really, just is a bit nervous first coming to a new house or with new people.  After you left she was fine and following me around as the only “person” here. She quickly started pawing me and poking me for pets.  Perhaps on meeting people they could find her a bit too timid, but people haven’t sent in apps even.  Her and Petal are beautiful girls and young too.

Who knows, I thought she was gorgeous from the time I first met her shortly after you brought her home.”

AND this was posted on our BHRR FB page November 27th, 2013 by her date:

“If I was one foster less I’d apply to be a “small giant” foster and apply for Rose. She was super with my small girls and quiet and, after one anxiety accident, house trained. She was a bigger shadow then I was used to, but a very good girl within a few hours (better then I expect of any foster in the first week)”

AND another post made on our BHRR FB Page November 27th, 2013 by her date:
“Rose has come very far from our first mtg. She is a well adjusted dog now. Her rehab is amazing. I tested her with a few commands and she figured them out (she would have won a treat anyways for being adorable). She is very VERY well behaved. She seems more like your average re-homed dog now, needs some adjustment to a new home and will hug your side until she feels things out. I certainly got the Rose “bounce” when she was ready to play haha I scrambled fast and said wait wait wait so I could brace myself as she bounced down my hallway full tilt at me for a good wrestle She seems no longer like the very timid/shy girl, just a bit of a wall flower, and quite the beautiful one at that.”

Here are some photo’s of her special picnic date, courtesy of S. Toop:

Rose1Rose19 (Medium)
BHRR’s Rose – One of our ‘FLOWER GIRLS’ – November 24th, 2013