D. Cupolo, Ottawa, ON, CDA

Hi Gwen,

It was great to meet you and your (people and dog) family today! You exceeded my expectations for today.

As I mentioned I was a bit hesitant at first and wanted to check things out before going any further. Your knowledge, passion and compassion are inspiring. There was so much love in the open house today it was great. And I too believe like you that no dog, regardless of age or condition should be discounted. I’m disappointed to know that some folks stopped their contributions because they felt what you are doing with Albert is “wrong”. Luckily for me (and I’m sure there are others like me) who find this inspiring.

It will be great when you get your charitable registration number as well. I donate regularly through payroll deductions to charity and once you receive your registration number I can get your charity listed on the Employee Giving Campaign Website for all….so others can donate as well. Of course I’ll be spreading the word also!

Thanks again, and I look forward to your house visit with my family once I submit the volunteer/foster/adopt paperwork.

Dave Cupolo