UPDATE: BHRR’s Groovy Groves is at KAH with me today! Auntie Penny has been by to get some very special loving ONLY the way that he can give it AND he received some very special loving in turn from Auntie Penny!
He weighed 24.5 KGs(53.9 pounds) today! NO more weight for him at this time! HE is looking great with just a wee tiny smidge of a ’roundness’ starting….
WHAT a love to all!
Today, is his ‘final’ sign-off Vet visit and should all go well, he will be placed up for adoption shortly(waiting for that fecal as there has been quite the giarrdia run out there)…..just want to get some great new photos’ of him.
Sean and I have talked A LOT about him and yet, he does not need us and we know his right matched forever loving home is out there….
HE is in one word MAGNIFICENT! In another word, INCREDIBLE In another word, FABU…….