OK! Measured BHRR’s Mindy, she is 35″. I will get a current weight on her on Saturday. She has been fully integrated with all the dogs except BHRR’s Albert and Storm. As predicted, BHRR’s Dana went right up to Mindy to see if she could find a new ‘partner’ for her mischievous crime waves and as expected, BHRR’s Mindy was not having anything to do with that. There was a very mild exchange of ‘words’ and this put Dana into a bit of a spin going up to Sean a bit unsure of things and looking for re-assurance. If ever there was proof that Dana is ‘hot air’ and ‘bluff’ without a mean bone in her body, this is it. BHRR’s Mindy has made it clear that she is going to want to be the leader female(if she has her way) and that is it. Just by a look she had BHRR’s Parker running into the bedroom to lie on the bed. LOL She is very set in her ways yet we share in this house and she will learn. We share our water bowls etc. She looks most put out by all the dogs milling around and wanting to smell and play with her and the stares she has given me to express her complete level of being unimpressed is hilarious. She has this way of ‘looking down’ at you with her head and chin tilted up and she is just so marvelous to watch in all her glory. Poor BHRR’s Potter is so ‘hurt’ by this lack of return affection and he is now pouting. The ‘princess’ ‘tude will be worked on. She knows when we say ‘no’ and mean it and she is being mindful of that right now. Cannot wait to see what happens when the honeymoon period is over if this is how she is now! She is not going to be able to go to an inexperienced home, that much I do know. Poor Dana is now continuing to try and ‘win’ Mindy’s approval and what is really needed, is a dog to put Mindy in her place in an appropriate manner. Not sure who is going to step up with that one at this time. It is going to be very fascinating to watch how the dynamics change in the house again with Mindy’s arrival. She is one smart cookie and I am looking forward to the magnificent challenges that lay ahead between her and I as we come to an understanding of how things are suppose to work and shall work!!!!! 😉 I so love personality+ filled dogs and as much as a goober she is going to be, her affection and sweet side is worn on her ‘sleeve’ too. Her recall also totally sucks at this time and I know that I am going to have to ‘earn’ not only her trust but more her respect for her to feel that she should be listening.