UPDATE: So, it appears that BHRR’s Mav’s worst leg(the left) healed the best of the two…..

His right leg(the better leg) in the ulna area looks terrible on x-rays, complete non union. AND, while the rest of his leg is healing, it is way behind where he was with the first surgery on the left left…..you can clearly still see the ‘cut’ area.

The one thing that the external fixator did for that left leg is give it more stability. So, is it perhaps so much movement that has caused the ulna to be this way? He so rocked this surgery over his last one…AND, he is not in discomfort, does not lick or chew his leg. His Vet and I are so surprised to see the x-rays.

We have sent on to DP, his ortho specialist to review and advise…maybe, he needs more time? Maybe, DP will not be concerned as being the specialist surgeon, he would know better than the rest of us. Even his Vet here said the same thing….

I know that when we did his very first x-rays and we found his broken leg that had never unioned, DP was not worried at all…the rest of us at KAH were quite concerned. AND, DP did say that the same area may not union again yet, that was on his left leg and in a different spot than his ulna…..

So, I am not going to panic, or get too worried(OR, try not to), until DP looks at the x-rays and advises……..

In the meantime, continued leash walks and crate rest for dear BHRR’s Mav. People marvelled at his glossy shiny black coat coming in AND, the weight gain today and his fabu temperament AND, how straighter his legs are AND, the muscle tone/mass(especially in his back legs, thighs and butt) that this boy has even been so lean….WISH, all the walking, did that to my own body!

Also, per his wonderful Vet at KAH sent to DP:

“The end of the plate near the tarsus has caused a fibrous lump & the ulnar non-union is another lump.”