Awhile back we were contacted to see if we could assist an ~3 year old Leonberger in a shelter. O/S. We did not have room in our programs at that time and very sadly, had to decline. 🙁 🙁  I did add him to our 'waiting list' of dogs hoping to arrive to BHRR and, miracles do happen for, we had one adoption, we have 5 more possible pending adoptions and all other dogs ahead of him on our waiting list had been sold by their previous owners instead of continuing to wait patiently for a spot in our r/q programs.

So, I went back to the contacts for him to offer assistance(yet, felt that he most likely had been placed or pts) and, it turns out that he was still looking for r/q Rescue assistance and we have not looked back!

He is scheduled to come to BHRR on November 13th, 2013 and below is the poster that I created on him(BEFORE I had a name befitting of him).

I am calling him BHRR"s Aslan. THANKS to all for their great input on names…. 🙁