Here is some of the information that we have on BHRR’s Mindy. We are now trying to co-ordinate date/time for BHRR to bring her into our program(s). We have no idea at this time if she has been HWT, spayed(most likely not) and what colour she is and as always, it matters not. She will receive some vaccines and begin a de-worming program before leaving the shelter. Please consider donating to our food resources for with two more Danes in need of BHRR; we have enough to last us until around January 22nd, 2010. We are getting in a desperate situation again. Thanks in advance for the consideration as always from our hearts!

She was brought to the shelter because her previous guardian had a daycare at home, and parents thought that she was intimidating for the children. As for her previous everyday life, her family didn’t have time to go for runs with her, but she was free in the house, and tied up when she was outside. She runs away if she is loose outside for more than 15 minutes, although she doesn’t always run away if there are people with her. She barks if she is left alone outside.

Her previous owners informed us that she is fearful and aggressive with men, however here, she was handled by both men and women, both employees and volunteers, without any problems. Previous family says that she is friendly with women, as well as with children and dogs, but aggressive with cats (we did not put her in contact with a cat here at the shelter). According to prev. owner, she is not protective and she doesn’t have fears. She can be calm, nervous, or happy during car rides. She is used to dog parks, likes to run and to play with other dogs. She is very docile and doesn’t take a lot a space in the house, according to the prev.owner. When an employee here took her for a walk and met a small dog, Mindy didn’t pull on her leash to go see him, although he caught her attention. All in all, she seems to be a nice girl who simply longs for a loving home.