On Friday October 4th, we moved The Hobbit of BHRR's Bilbo to a temp foster home. Was not the smoothest of drop-offs (poor boy did ask to go outside yet, it was missed(thought, he was looking out their door window by all of us, and he then had a poop accident in the house) yet, all seemed settled in the end. On the Saturday, I received an update that was positive and that he was settling in well.

On the Sunday AM, I received a message that a tick had been removed from BHRR's Bilbo on the Saturday night andm that was not concerning as he is on revolution and we are in a huge bloom before the winter strikes. I was assured that the head was also removed.

On the Sunday night, I received a message that after looking him all over, to be assured that he did not have any more ticks, the area that had the original tick, now had a lump. The home believed it to be an abscess. I made arrangements to bring BHRR's Bilbo to his Vets at KAH.

Thank you to Rachel, one of our approved Volunteers with helping me with the transport on the Monday October 7th as this was the same day, that I also need to be on two separate trips to Quebec(one to pick-up BHRR's Breen), one to do a hv to see how things could go with one of our BHRR dogs for a possible future BHRR Adoption and I also had another canine(BHRR's Groves) that was being temp fostered by a wonderful soul, Jenn D., since the Friday as I had to be away over that weekend doing a bust assessment on 26 dogs; scheduled for me to pick-up that Monday.

AND, this was the day that we very suddenly and tragically ending up losing our BHRR's Titus. So, a very busy day and a very devastating day on my heart.

So, thank you to Jenn for keeping BHRR's Groves another night and thank you to the home in Quebec, for being ok with me rescheduling that play date visit and thank you to Rachel for helping to transport and then loving on my Hobbit for a few hours until I could drive to Kingston after dropping off BHRR's Breen at BHRR and tagging with Sean to be with BHRR's Titus, so that he would never be left alone.

Photo's below are of The Hobbit at Rachel's just hanging! She said he was welcome back anytime….I think she fell in love with him! 😉 THANK you for the toy for him also! 🙂

On Tuesday October 8th, I brought my Hobbit into work with me and had him examined by two of his Vets at KAH and both agreed with me that this was not an absess yet, a seroma and most likely from trauma as none of us had ever seen a seroma from a tick. On October 13th at the PV `THANKS FOR GIVING EVENT, I also discussed this with the Vet that had adopted BHRR`s Emmett. THe Hobbit was with us that day and had a GREAT event…he always does. He has been coming to events with me since he was just a wee thing. This Vet works at a different Hospital and, they too, agree that this is NOT from a tick removal. On the 8th, we removed 12 cc`s of fluid from the area on BHRR`s Bilbo`s shoulder and I brought home a syringe in case I needed to remove more. The plan was for me to monitor and if necessary, remove any additional fluid(for, it could well come back) and, if it began to feel hot etc., we would then place him on antibiotics. I want to publicly also THANK my Vets at KAH for not charging me for this Vet Visit.

I did not end up having to date remove any additional fluid from this area. In the discussions had with his Vet team, this could have been a play injury(none of the dogs in the temp foster home had as of yet, been willing to play with him), he could have bumped himself, or trauma could have been caused by a lot of force being used to remove the tick. We will never know…..and, he is going to be just fine. 🙂

His weight on that day was 69.72 pounds at the age of 8 months! 🙂 So, I am thinking that he may well still mature into that 80-85 pound range when fully grown. No matter what he ends up to be, he is 100% cute and to state, once again, we do know who his parents are; he looks like the three of his siblings(BHRR`s Baggins, Spirit(with another Rescue) & Reagan(adopted from another rescue)), that we have also met to date. There is only one of his siblings that we have not yet met, and we do not know the status. He was the biggest in the 5 that ended up coming to rescue and Spirit was the smallest.

The decision was made between the temp foster home that had him and the BHRR BOD that it would be best for him to stay with us at BHRR. Thank you being sent to them for giving him this weekend!

He has continued to just flourish at BHRR and the compliments continue on how well mannered and gorgeous that coat of his is. BHRR is extremely dedicated to the welfare and wellbeing of all of our dogs and this dedication is for the life of any of our dogs.

photo 3 (Medium) photo 4 (Medium)
BHRR's Bilbo – Our remaining HOBBITT – October 7th, 2013
*photo's courtesy of R. Ng