BHRR’s Windsor is a 5 month old Newfoundlander that BHRR was contacted to assist. He hails from Nebraska, USA. Apparently, his mother stepped on him shortly after birth and he has neuro issues and also his growth has been affected. His latest bw has indicated that he is still suffering from mild nutrition(he has more than tripled his weight since he joined us late last fall) and I will be doing a ‘dip’ stick on him for it is suspected that he might be spilling sugar in his urine. BHRR’s Windsor has this nasty thing about peeing and then wanting to drink it and lay in it and this has been an ongoing thing since his arrival and we have been trying to rule out both medical and/or behavoural reasons for this. Last weight was almost 34 pounds and he will be a small Newf when he is full grown. BHRR’s Windsor shall remain as part of our BHRR Haven Program due to his neuro issues. He is slower to learn things and housebreaking plus training him to even learn his name has been a very patient yet successful process to date. His eyesight appears to be normal yet his hearing has also been affected. Now that we believe that he shall live(he is most likely going to be prone to idiopathic seizures too); for it was touch and go for awhile; we have put up his own blog for everyone to follow and cheer him on as he continues his daily struggles in having a much deserved quality filled life. His Vet bills to date have been very extensive yet we believe that he is as worthy as any other animal to receive the best care and love possible.