AND, we have a date! DRUMMMMMM ROLL!

BHRR's Maverick's second surgery post-op x-rays and exam has been scheduled! JUST off the phone with Dr. P. and Wednesday 13th is the special day!!!

I could not be MORE happy for this very magical boy!!!

His one knuckle is larger than the 'normal' and we will determine if it is just because of the larger plate put in this time and not using the external fixator as he had just a bad reaction last time OR is it something more serious…..

He is not chewing or licking or bothered by it and that is all excellent!

THEN, the focus shall be to get that weight packed back on him and then OMG! THIS is so exciting…he can make a very important and wonderful announcement!

THE journey this very very very incredible boy has taken and brought me along has been miraculous!

He is literally our IRON MAN!