MUCH to update….as always, yet, for now, I am going to post my inspiration for the day or week, if not for life!

BHRR's Reese…..

I am working on becoming the best team mate I can for her, so that I can best help her have the most quality filled life ever.

I am doing so much in observation, drawing upon 25 years of experience, almost 15 years of education/degrees and what has been aiding me the most, my instinct/gut feeling. There are times where/when you just have to go inward and just 'feel'.

To all that met this amazing miraculous little girl yesterday at our 6th ANNUAL Fundraiser Event @ KAH, you will agree with me that she is simply amazing and inspirational, will make a great teacher, and a miracle girl she truly is!

Today, she came with me to help fill the water up for the horses and I put her down in our sweet smelling shavings barn – no horses around – and after ensuring that the horses had their stock tank all full, I sat and watched her(I have to get a video).

I then began counting as she moved…..I then started over every time she went back in the same direction and then turned and went in the other direction. I counted over and over as she went from side to side of the barn corridor and from back to front….

I then started timing and I began to get a 'light bulb' moment….HQD BHRR's Salma would be proud! :)-

BHRR's Reese was 'exhibiting' OCD behavour and yes, she does have some yet, what she was doing by all her repetition over and over and over again was counting herself!!!

It is exactly 6.5 'BHRR's Reese' long reach paw stretches from one side of the paw to another AND exactly 21 paw stretches from one end to where I have the ladder set-up on its side(I do not want her tripping or bumping the water or feed buckets on the one end)!!!

Once, she figured that out, she was running and doing her little happy baby deer jumps and twists and turns and yes, every once in awhile, she would run and bump – one side more than the other – yet, for almost 20 minutes she played and ran and hopped and skipped!

She tends to 'feel' light and the warmth it gives her and so is attracted to it and I have to see how to 'teach' her 'coolness' so that she does not overheat.

She is very 'inside herself' and the eating has been better figured out….she will put her foot in her bowl to hold it still, I put water mixed in with Beef or Chicken stew(her tongue is further back in her mouth so, she cannot lap water the way other dogs do) and she has a bit of a hard time 'grabbing' food, so the Performatin is PERFECT for her! The water mixed in gives her extra hydration.

One of the Vets at the Event yesterday took a quick look at her and agrees with me that she has neuro concerns and so, supports my wish to see her visit specialists.

I am still working on how to 'reach' her….to communicate to her…If you touch her on the top of the head or back, she slinks and shy away. If you touch her on her side, she will tend sometimes to lean into you.

I am working on the vibration(NOT a vibration collar) yet, banging the floors and ground to get her attention.

Her smell is minimal…..

I need to make that inner 'connection' with/to her….to give her all that I want to give her and show her and open up a big beautiful world to her, I need to get that connection.

She seems to 'sense' me over smelling and she 'feels' with that sense when I am there over someone else, yet, I need to reach her…one of the Volunteers at our event yesterday mentioned the word 'autism' and yes, it is very much like that. AND, over-stimulation, especially with touch – can 'set her off' – she becomes further withdrawn and unapproachable. She will then pace and circle and air paw with stress.

So, after 25 years of working and owning and rescuing blind/deaf amazing souls, I am in a bit of new territory here(she has minimal smell, limited in her eating capabilities – yet, got that one figured out!) and my promise to her is that I will give her the world… piece at a time!

I do worry about quality of life for if she does have a tumour or possible life threatening medical reason for things, it will be devastating.

AND, I know that everyone is entitled to their opinions, YET, no, I am not putting her down….not unless it is in her best interest. AND, I think that ALL those that met this inspirational miracle 12 week old Dobie Baby yesterday, will agree that SHE is living and has made such a miraculous journey to date for the pup that was believed to be visually impaired, is in fact, much more than that and she has not just survived, she has made it her mission to thrive and ALL of us saw her joy of living outside……

She wags her tail, she gives kisses, she feels and has heart AND her soul is that of an angel's…….

So, before anyone sends me an email or message or posts about how this is unfair to her….my mission when I founded BHRR back in 1996 was to help the special needs and to save those that we can….AND, in order to do that, she needs a chance…..and, so many of us can say THAT she is more than deserving of that chance!

AND, I go into this journey, determined to help her be the best dog she can be, not into something she is not….AND, she is one mighty fine wee lady ALL on her own!!!