UPDATE: So, DOBIE DOLL AKA BAMBI BABY BHRR's Reese came to KAH with me today! She is our blind, hearing impaired and Neuro sweetie!

We have not yet crossed the 30 lb mark YET, she has put on another 3.3 pounds in just 8 days! She is now 29.04 pounds!
She looks FANTASTIC! She is such a 'teacup' Doberman for most, healthy Dobermans at 5 months DO NOT weight just 29.04 pounds.
She is super tiny, all bambi legs and I got a great new video of her today in the grass!

Her bw from the 19th came in as normal! YAY! YAY! YAY! YET, the Von Willebrands testing was not done and so, I brought her back today, AND, the wonderful compliments she has received for being EVEN that much better than even 8 days ago, is so heart warming!

We did another mani/pedi and TONS of loving!

In doing her nails, it was noted that a tiny growth was found by one of her back nails on her right hind leg. I had the Vet take a peek and it is suspected to be a possible Histiocytoma yet, there is virtually nothing to try and FNA or puncture biopsy at this time.

IT was not there until just recently and I will monitor for changes.

AND, we will try and biopsy it during her spay….

AND, the one concern is how vascular it is and we are all anxiously waiting to see what her Von Willebrands testing results will bring in…..

VIDEO#1 ReeseSeptember25th, 2013
VIDEO#2ReeseSeptember25th, 2013