On July 9th, @ 4:34 PM I received the following message on fb by an approved BHRR Volunteer:

"Hey Gwen,

I know BHRR is swamped with requests these days but still wanted to check if you or another rescue might be able to take this girl. She's a free 3 month old Doberman that's visually impaired. I sent an email to the person who giving her away to find out if she was still available. Let me know!"

@ 4:43 PM, I responded that I would take her.

@ 4:53 PM, I received the following:


I just called the owner…she has a couple of people coming by tonight to visit but I explained to her BHRR would be the perfect option if she wants to make sure this puppy will have a good future.

I told her that you had loads of experience working with blind dogs (she's pretty sure the dog is blind, maybe she sees light and shadows,…she's taking her to the vet tmo to find out what the deal is)

She got the puppy from one of her friends that had a litter…she fell in love with this puppy because it was blind but the boyfriend is not happy with the situation and wants the puppy to go."

@ 5:00 PM, I received the following:

"I told her that this would be the best case scenario for her dog. I said that you have many dogs that are visually impaired therefore you know how to deal with it. Also, I told her that by placing the dog with you she would KNOW that the dog would end up in a good home. I told her about how thorough your adoption process is and that this puppy would end up in a fantastic home."

@ 5:01 PM, I received the following:

"The puppy is apparently super friendly and sweet…I really hope it works out!

She seemed interested…she loves this dog and wants what's best for it, she's just not able to give it what it needs…"

@ 10:12 PM, I received the following:

"Gwen, great news, she decided to surrender the dog to Birch Haven and would like to arrange for pickup as soon as possible."

We made transport arrangements to bring this special needs Doberman puppy to BHRR on Saturday July 13th. One photo of her below.

Photo courtesy of her previous home.