So much to update on BHRR’s Storm. THANKS so much to her temp foster home for keeping us posted and even sending us some pictures. I have posted new slides of Storm #4-7 yet am going to add two of them below. Pictures really do not show how bad the body condition of this poor sweet soul really is. 😥

Storm went to emerg on Sunday November 22nd as her leg and foot were more swollen, hot and she went back to non weight bearing. They put her on Cephalexin(this is something that I wondered why she was not put on when she was at the Hospital on Friday) and she still was not eating as well and we wish to extend our own thanks to Pam at Global Pet Foods – Ancaster for donating a flat of wet for BHRR’s Storm’s cause! Apparently, she likes to be tucked in at night before going to sleep! 😛 Zero on the leash manners, which is not surprising!

On Monday November 24th, Storm was taken back to the Vet for a recheck on her leg/foot and they added Doxycycline to her antibiotic regime for her leg/foot was even more swollen. Her temperature was normal and this time, the Vets decided to needle biopsy the lump she had in her one lymph node too. For me, I am just a wee bit surprised that these things were not done on the Friday yet as long as she is finally getting the proactive/preventative care she needs; that is what is most important! Her WBC was elevated and her RBC plus Hemoglobin were low normal.  The question is if this is a combination of a trauma injury and something bacterial causing her leg to be in such a state. The results on her lymph node should be back on Wednesday. Is what is going on with BHRR’s Storm cellulitis, vasculitis or something like blastomycosis, we do not know and we shall take this one step at a time.

She is getting along with everyone that she meets from Seniors to Kids and the few dogs she has also encountered. Apparently, there are many have that have looked ‘deep’ into her eyes and have fallen under her charming spell. Like most Danes, she loves to vocalize and ‘talk’. I have been told she has two speeds right now ‘play’ and ‘sleep’! LOL

I will update her blog as I can. Sean and I are extremely grateful plus appreciative of all that her temp foster home is doing for her. I shall be meeting up with them in Lindsay, ON this Sunday to bring BHRR’s Storm back to BHRR for BHRR’s Potter should be in a much better state to have a new member to the home to visit with.  🙂

BHRR’s Storm – November 21st, 2009 – Photos Courtesy of A. & K. Twaddle