HERE is a VIDEO of BHRR's Maverick on our way home from KAH after his surgery.

AND, no night would be complete without a BHRR's Salma story!!!!

Just as Sean was helping me get BHRR's Maverick settled, and, I am all bent over almost completely inside the colossal crate, I fear hot air breathing on me…..

I take a peek over my shoulder and there is BHRR's Salma – no word of a lie! – with one of Vivian's special made with sheer love and talent blankets AKA Rupert Wrap – in her mouth.

I am thinking fast and the light bulb goes off and I am like ' NO way, you want me to put it on BHRR's Maverick…NO way!'

So, I reach out to go and take it(Sean is my witness!) and she backs away. I reach back a bit further, contorting my body half in and half out of the crate and she takes another step back.

I then begin that thinking rush pattern again 'Think, Gwennie….THINK'.

I could only think of one thing, she wanted to give BHRR's Maverick the blanket herself…..I did not want her walking in and accidentally stepping on him and I was almost going to just go back to settling in BHRR's Maverick and let her be and well, I KNOW HQD….very well!

So, I untangle myself from the crate, straighten up a bit(yet, still in full alert mode to make a dive if needed to save BHRR's Maverick) and just give a sweeping motion of my hand, bend my head and say "OK, YOUR QUEENSHIP DIVINE…do your thing."

GOD! The looks this dog can shoot my way…OMG! LOL

As she walks past me, she gives one more 'parting shot look' at me, she steps very carefully into the crate and I am now thinking 'where is my phone…where is my phone, I have to tape this' and she pulls the blanket in and she pulls it over as gently as can be(with me hovering like a mother hen) over his operated leg….as one last measure, she used her nose so softly to push the sides of the blanket at his foot to make it closer to his leg….I guess she does not want him having drafty toes….

She then backs out, gives me THAT priceless SALMA LOOK and yup, you got it….walks right over in her wobbly bobbly way and climbs up NOT on the doggie couch yet, the human one and lay down with one sheer sigh of contentment… LOL

AND, just to add more HQD flavour/style, she did not USE one of her own blankets, she had snagged BHRR's Promise's donated so lovingly to her when Vivian transported her last week my way! LOL LOL

Oh, Salma…let me count the ways that I love you…'denture chatter mouth' and all!

BHRR's Maverick, TTP – June 15th, 2013 & BHRR's Maverick – July 4th, post-op surgery
*first photo courtesy of B. Element

AND, here are his x-rays!

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