BHRR's Zara's blog is UPDATED to June 24th, 2013! 😉 With photo's and videos! Patience pays off! 😉 AND, good things come to those that wait! 😀

I can also add that BHRR's Zara likes to chew wood and drywall and she is great with all dogs including our 9.5 pound Sir-Bounce-A-Lots.

Due to her extreme fear of strangers, she has not yet, headed in to visit a specialist for consideration for surgery on her eyes. EVEN, I can only hold and touch and love on her so much. AND, putting on collars and leashes STILL terrifies her…poor thing….

So, she is not wearing a collar at this time and I am working on positive reinforcement associated with the collar/leash. I am also working on her 'marking' and every time she *touches* the collar or leash, she gets a treat. I can now get her to put her nose partway into the very loose and large collar and she will also rub by it as she walks past.

She even will get up on the bed for snuggling before bed and she no longer sleeps in a crate and has not for some time. She is crated when we leave as she is still a puppy. She lets me know when she wants pets and she lets me know when she has had enough. She is not going to be going, when she is ready to a home that is not experienced for she is very much NEO!

She play really well at time with BHRR's Reese as well and at other times, she is a diva…..