Today's BHRR's Zara Adventure!

As I was making my lunch for work today, as, is my habit; I pushed my panini rolls right to the back of my kitchen hutch as I went the foot+ to the fridge and leaned in to grab the ham and lettuce etc.

When I turned around(AND, many have been here and know what a short distance that is…VERY!), BHRR's Zara was actually on top of my hutch and having a great munch on my rolls…..quiet as a mouse she was……

I think BHRR's Journey, would be so proud of her! AND, I would have enjoyed my ham sandwiches as much as I know I would have enjoyed that pot roast that day that BHRR's Journey swiped it…..

I think I am having fresh fruit for dinner at work tonight! AND, a granola bar!

BHRR's Goliath, move over… got some major competition here!

She continues to settle in and the mild SA has begun as she is bonding to me and wants me ALL the time. She is learning, as they all do, that her own company is ok….

AND, I have to post my BHRR's Salma & BHRR's Zara story later….

Have I told everyone recently just HOW much I love my life! I really do!!!

AND, here is a VIDEO She is sporting her new collar and and showing that she does have manners….somewhere in there! 😉

SHE is VERY VERY VERY scared of leashes and collars….EXTREMELY!


AND a post made by one of the people here(also an approved Volunteer) that was at our BHRR "EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House on the 22nd:
"Oh BHRR have certainly come a long way in such a short time. Way to go!!"