UPDATE: I think the completely terrified and severely under socialised NeoX pup that I have called BHRR's Zara is settling in well….

So far, within the last half an hour, she has jumped up on the kitchen counter and pulled down the bag of FROMM I had there for BHRR's Autumn, and then, moving onward after her 'snack', she began to race track in the house followed hot on her heels by The Hobbits, BHRR's Bobby with BHRR's Titus trying valiantly to keep up with his fellow Neo resident!

AND, as she is running, she decides to take a big leap and what perfect timing, right into the dog bowl almost as big as she and sends it flying – full of water of course –

AND, then, it was off to grab one of my doggie blankets yet, to be folded on the table and out the front door she races in the thunderstorm with dogs right behind her and BHRR's Maverick thinks this is just grand and grabs part of the dog blanket and proceeds to run in a different direction when they are outside and 'RIP' the blanket goes, much to the excitement of the other dogs – the smart, well trained ones are inside shaking their heads and paws… – while, the others are having a grand game of chase outside….

THEN, it is do an Olympic style duck around me and back into the house dragging muddy and wet dog blanket in tow with BHRR's Baggins on it, enjoying the ride!

AND, I come into the house and BHRR's Zara is sitting in front of her 'treat' area(I have been hand feeding her kibble and feeding her as treats too), sitting with the best solid sit ever…looking for that treat!

Yup! I think she is settling in well….

AND, where was BHRR's Salma, you may ask??? Well, she was on the couch of course…. :p

UPDATE: 11:53 PM:

UPDATE: She is NOT done with me yet!

In the few minutes it took me to go to the bathroom, she decided that with my PPSS as her partner in crime – he can open the bedroom door FOR I had it closed AND the only one that can do that – that I did not need TWO feather pillows and felt I needed to redecorate my bedroom with the feathers! AND, felt that adding a few to her collar was a great accessory!

Going to be a wild ride with this one…she may just rival BHRR's Goliath yet! WAHOOOOO!

She is terrified of Sean & Mason yet, around 2 AM this morning while I was up working with her, she made that mental sigh that these dogs can do and relaxed a lot with me. I am careful not to push her comfort zone yet, she is finding it ALL on her own…

Her leash manners are good, her house manners severely lacking AND I feel that HQD is 'looking' at me as if to say 'really?!!'

I love them all….and, I have had many 'shades' of terrified and I embrace them all and I had thought I was getting enough exercise….maybe, not. This pups last chance was rescue. She was so set up for failure that she has a history now with the mouthing/biting and I take all of that seriously in ensuring that I rehab her as she needs.