On May 25th @ 1:24 PM, I received the following:

Hi Gwendilin

Thank you for getting back to me quickly. We are most definitely able to hang on until mid to late june, we could possibly arrange her spay ahead of time as well. 

She did break the skin on the finger although it did not require medical attention to my knowledge. The bite report states a bite on chin ( doesn't indicate if skin was broken) but my understanding is they were minor bites. The had only had Bailey for a few hours when the first incident occurred. The dog was lying down and owner leaned over to kiss dog on the head. Dog bit the chin. The second was the next morning when trying to put a collar on her. She growled and backed up, they proceeded forward and she bit the finger on one hand. 

They reported that when purchasing the dog, the pup was friendly and sociable. But was obviously afraid of the car, as she peed and poo'd while being loaded. Was nervous in the new house and overwhelmed. I am most definitely not a animal behaviour specialist or expert but my personal feeling is that the owners had no idea how to read a dogs body language and pushed her into a corner. While true to her breed style of neo mastiff x great dane, she is reserved at first but once properly introduced she is lovely and friendly. She just needs the time and positive reinforcement to help her learn the world is a good place. 

Thank you again for your offer of possible help, I'm hoping the fact that she did break skin will not prevent her being accepted by your rescue. She did pass her behaviour assessment and I can forward that to you if you would like. 


On May 25th, @ 2:28 PM, I sent the following:


I would love to see a copy of her assessment. We shall commit to taking her that weekend in June!!