BHRR's Spice is FINALLY ready to make her announcement! Well….actually she has been ready from some time yet, as with the same thing that I wanted with BHRR's Abby, I was waiting for some professional photo's to be done – THANKS AGAIN Liz!!! 🙂 – and due to bad weather we had to reschedule twice! 🙁 Her sister BHRR's Spice has been in her own home for many months now, yet, then again, her sister did not have four surgeries on those eyes. 🙁

She is healthy now and you can see from the photo's below that her eyes have done very well! 🙂

WELL, wait no longer! SHE is now AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

ALL around 90 pounds of her! AND, still growing!

She has come SO far with her worries and nerves of places and people AND, she is even not minding getting into the car any longer! Very social, playful and special girl!

She can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired or retired!

She can go to a home that has children – no younger than 7 please and I would LOVE to see her in a home with at least one great matched fit dog that will continue to help her come into her own AND I have to say, that she ROCKED today! She went fairy willingly with one of my approved BHRR Volunteers for a bit of a walk away from me AND that never would have happened months ago.

I would consider a home without any other dogs yet, they must have a strong doggie social network in place so that BHRR's Spice has her own friends. SHE loves playing and has come a LONG way even learning what play was!

She is 100% housebroken and has had full run of our house for many months and is 100% trustworthy here.

She LOVES all kinds of toys and a Kuranda bed is her favourite place to sleep. 🙂

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BHRR's Spice – July 26th, 2013 – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!