I took BHRR’s Jaxson in with me tonight and his weight was just over a ‘wiggly’ 86 pounds! WTG Jaxson! I brought him in with me for last night while cuddling with Sean; Sean noticed that he still had a staple in his scapulae area. With the washings that this boy has had and the cuddles and snuggles; how we missed this; is beyond us but as the Vet did say; it is not uncommon for people to find staples quite a bit later after the dog has healed. Now, taking it out was a different matter. Jaxson did not want Sean to hold or restrain him and wanted to play mouth him etc. and I said, fine. I am not able to restrain plus remove the staple at the same time so I took him into work with me and it was funny. Jaxson knew I meant business and he layed down on his amputated side with this ‘look’ of sheer innocence but when I asked him to move and lay down the other way; he fully co-operated and we had that staple out in 2 seconds and he was as good as gold and what a lamb! Such a monkey! But, he had an enjoyable night meeting people and being loved on and he did great in his run. He was a little reluctant at first and this is perfectly understandable based upon being in a shelter but I went back their several times, took him out to pee a few times and to visit and he settled down beautifully. He is so much FUN! He really ‘inspired’ many tonight and impressed many as well with his manners and obedience and then there are the giggles he elicited with his grabbing of the leash and wanting to play tug of war or walk himself! Jaxson brings me such joy. On the way home, he rode with his head on the console snuggled up against my arm and everytime I looked down at him, he was looking at me with those huge brown trusting eyes and he just melts me. I bought him a new ball toy today FOR he loves his toys and loves being chased when he has a rope or a toy and he knows the words ‘bring me your ball’ or ‘bring me your toy’ and he truly brings out the kid in me. He is going to be another one of those heartbreakers when he is adopted. For now, I am just enjoying every experience and Jaxson is now walking up to 7 KMs(3.5 KMs BID) and we are doing over a hour of hill work(half an hour BID). OK, rather he is doing the hill work and I make it up and down the hill once or twice and then just watch him! 😉 Jaxson also has this desire to eat things like shoelaces and pull the edging off blankets etc…sigh…we are working on that. 🙄