My last post of the night – my night – is to please ask everyone to keep BHRR's Maverick in their positive thoughts and blessings…..

He has the first of two very invasive surgeries today(July 4th) and it has been a long road to reach the point of him being healthy and strong enough since he arrived to BHRR to undergo surgery.

Being the Momma Gwennie that I am, I am worried that he has not put on enough weight and that he keeps getting taller and worried about those growth plates and then…..I just take that deep breath and trust in his specialist and our Vet Team and hoping that his BHRR village of friends, fan and family shall surround him with all their best energy and healing vibes…..

Dr. P believes continues to believe that while he cannot completely straighten his legs(victim of neglect, improper exercise and nutrition), he can give him significant improvement. He is going to do repeat ostectomies in both legs and use plates and pins. His second surgery, should all go well, will be in about 12 weeks time.

So much heart ache and sadness to our hearts and home this past week and I would be so devastated should something also happen to BHRR's Maverick. I love them all…heart, soul and beyond….

His bills shall top $8,000 before he is successfully rehabbed and BHRR remains committed to him being deserving of nothing but the best! ALWAYS!

He and I are going to watch the sun come up shortly and snuggle and though, he cannot have food nor treats, I am going to keep giving him the best in kisses and hugs to fill him up!

Will update as I can and the page shall be a wee bit quiet July 4th…..apologizing in advance!