Sean and I could not be more thrilled in adding these words to Mazda’s blog. We really believe strongly that this is in Mazda’s best interest to be adopted despite the length of time she has spent with us; especially with the loss of her deepest and closest best friend BHRR’s KB/JB in July. We have always maintained that BHRR’s Mazda has no more need of us or our program and perhaps; it was one of her many amazing callings to have been back at BHRR with her bud and to support and be there for him as KB/JB battled OsteoSarc. I do not know. What I do know is that THROUGH no fault of her own; BHRR’s Mazda bounced back to us twice and as so many know; I still feel like I failed her for then the public who does not really know ‘who’ we are; wonders ‘what is wrong with Mazda’ despite every blog on our board being about full disclosure and that we talk about all the good, the bad, the great and the ugly of any dog at BHRR. There is nothing wrong with Mazda at all and Sean and I are positively filled with the best of emotions of this one BHRR approved home adopting her. I feel very much at peace and not the ‘nervous’ wreck I thought I would be over her being possibly adopted again(and me possibly failing her…yet again) and that means that ‘it is right’ and so if all goes well; BHRR’s Mazda shall go to her new home in early 2010 due to timing reasons. Mazda; we just burst with happiness for you. You have taken us down many unchartered paths of ‘firsts’ for BHRR and your inner plus outer beauty plus strength shall continue to shine and be cherished in your new forever loving home! 🙂 Parting shall not be easy yet this is just the beginning as the saying goes…..