LT has a new favourite activity! BRUSHING! It has taken a long time for him not be afraid of the brush and when Mr. Hamilton, the Newf came into our home last fall and LT saw all the brushing that he was getting and how much Hamilton was loving it; LT became very interested. We have to move slowly and not make any sudden movements yet as soon as that brush touches his back and especially his rump; he is in heaven. We do not attempt to bring the brush around his face or head for he will shy away. I show him the brush and sometimes he will turn so his butt is facing me in anticipation of what is to come! 🙂 He is sleeping on our bed more and yet will still get off more often than not when adults walk into the room. He is less likely to get off when the kids go in there and he has begun to actually get up on the bed when they are on the bed themselves either reading or watching TV. Progress is slow and steady with this cutie and I am very proud of him!!!!!! LT is also a HUGE houdinini when it comes to his crate! He loves it as his safe spot and often just lies in it with the door open and while I give him free run of the house for short jaunts away from home; if we are gone longer than 3-4 hours (which is not common as there is usually someone here 24/7); I put him in his crate; the little mischief maker AND he can get out; so we then put a clip on the crate. He then learned how to undo the clip and so we went to two clips and now we are up to 3 clips! LOL It won’t be long before LT will be able to be trusted for longer periods of time sans crate. The biggest thing here is that he begins to play with Dyce, Soul and Bronson and my home becomes quite re-decorated(beds completely stripped and moved across the floor)!!!!! He also seems to love toilet paper rolls! LOL I am putting LT back under a PENDING ADOPTION. This person came to meet me in Ottawa last May and I have met them a couple of times since then; this person has also met LT and I feel that this home is a great match for him. There is no doubt about this person’s adoration of LT either! We shall be having another meet-up come spring and go from there. At this time, we shall not be taking any more inquiries or applications on LT.