June 19th, just past 3:00 PM:
"In less than four hours, the newest addition to the BHRR family shall be arriving!
BHRR's Treasure, the emaciated Harlequin male Great Dane…..
Travel safety everyone involved helping to get him closer to me!

June 19th, just past 9:00 PM:
"UPDATE: got him!! What a gooberhead!!! No manners! That will change…. 😉
Yes, he is skinny and could use a good 15-20 pounds yet, he is not in brutal shape. He is a very handsome boy and looking forward in getting to know him!! He was 112.64 pounds when I weighed him tonight.
Thank you Debbie, Joy and Jenn for everything!!
AND, I got to meet the Boxer that we had offered to assist yet, when we learned that he may have another group that stepped up before ours to help; and, that there was another GD in need(the black female I posted)…..I knew we were needed for her!!
What a nice boxer boy he is and he is going to make someone very happy!!
Off for the adventurous drive home with BHRR's Treasure! Sitting still is not in his vocabulary right now…..

AND here is a VIDEO I took on our drive home: BHRR'sTreasureJune192013VIDEO

BHRR's Treasure – June 19th, 2013 ~1 year of age
*O/S due to no time…..he may have been trash to someone else BUT he is all TREASURE to me and so, that is what I am calling him!
Heading home with me from KAH to BHRR!