On June 7th, 3:24 PM:  I received the following email:

 "I have this 1 yr old unfixed male dane. He was surrendered because the guy didn't have time for him. Very good with other dogs, a bit growly with people–not to be aggressive-it's more insecurity I think. He is being walked by our volunteers. I tested for food and he did lift his lip but no growling and I could take the food from him. He has very little manners and is very strong-difficult to walk. He definitely needs experienced people. Do you think Gwen would be interested?"

On June 7th, 4:13 PM: I responded with:

"Can you give me 24 hours to work on this one? J
We would love to help…I just need about 24 hours or so.


On June 7th, 4:27 PM: I received:
"OMG Gwenn, YES!!!! YES.
This is not for next week any ways.  He needs to be fixed which will not be until next week".

We then went back and forth as I was only originally able to assist by the end of the week of June 21st and that was getting too long for the Shelter as they were hurting for space. We worked out that I could get him on the 17th yet, then, that did not work for scheduling for others and so, after all was said and done, we planned for Wednesday June 19th!

I decided to call him 'TREASURE' as his previous O. had no time for him and he may have been their trash but MY Treasure!
*Photos courtesy of the Shelter