I have been meaning to type for awhile now that Jaxson is fully housebroken(maybe I already did?) and that I have been working on the pancreatitis that we were told he had. I am very proud to say that Jaxson has been eating strictly home cooking for some time without any issues and he has been having a wide variety of treats too. I think a lot of what Jaxson has been going through before coming to BHRR was very much stress related and he has been doing great! I am going to transition him on to a kibble source soon(he came to us on Gastro) and see how that goes. As the bluez boyz have been gone to Windsor, N.S to show; I have been allowing Jaxson to sleep with me in the kingsize bed(he is earning his rewards beautifully) and he is one smart cookie! Stay on Sean’s side of the bed and you can stay on all night! 😛 He is so smart and we continue to work on his ‘excitement’ wanna grab at the other dogs moments and it is going to be a true test when the bluez boyz come home(I had hoped tonight….) to see how he is with the hormones(as it has been almost a month since he was neutered now) around the show boyz as he likes to try to push and boss them around AND they let him! He seems to really like their cropped ears too and wants to pull on them…sigh! YET, he does not even try to do that with Mazda as she just gives him a ‘look’ and that stops him in his tracks. I have to say that he is exceptionally gentle with the ‘Wee Bear Cub’ and now the ‘Lil Pillow’ that recently came into our home. Additionally, I managed to connect with Buddy’s owner Bonnie in CT, USA today and we talked for over 50 minutes! Buddy is a 10 year old ABD who was diagnosed with Osteosarc in his right front leg at the end of September and is currently scheduled for an amputation tomorrow. I shared KB/JB’s battle with Osteo and talked about Jaxson(and gave Jaxson a huge hug from Bonnie to him) and had the pleasure of hearing Buddy ‘sing’ in the background. They are in a most unenviable position and I could only discuss what my professional/personal views were and my past experiences with amputations and/or dealing with Osteosarc plus offer up my support with whatever decision they make, be it to go ahead with the amputation or not. I am sending all of them my strength plus hugs as they go through their own journey. It truly is amazing just how far Jaxson’s Journey Story has reached plus inspired in others and I hope that people will continue to support him as he continues to travel down his path to a most wonderful future! There is a PAWMATES Calendar Contest coming up on Sunday November 15th hosted by Global Foods – Kanata with Sue Bird as the photograper and it is free for all dog breeds to participate and all funds of the ensuing Calendar($15.00 each) will come back to BHRR to continue to allow us to assist animals like Jaxson that are in need of our programs. There will be a donation Jar for BHRR for those that wish to donate that day to assist us with our efforts too. Spaces are filling up, so book early!!!! BHRR’s Lil Linus will be the front cover on this 2010 Calendar and it is just a perfect fit with all that he went through before coming to BHRR(4 homes and the abuse) at just 14 weeks of age and being a SN’s(which is what BHRR specializes in) and being 100% rehabbed and now going to his forever loving adoptive home(SUCCESS!).  🙂 I am also bringing in BHRR’s Jaxson’s to enter into the contest for what another fantastic dog currently in our program and he represents everything that we believe in at BHRR in helping SN’s like him and also BHRR’s Potter; our “Honourary” Great Dane who is another fantastic SN’s boy. Though, they are not Great Danes and other than Jaxson, technically not even a Giant Breed; these dogs demonstrate what reputable/quality Rescue should be about AND no one who meets them would ever say that they are less deserving of an incredibly wonderful future than any other dog out there and that is what BHRR is passionate about.