I think I have just born witness to one of the most difficult Owner Surrenders EVER in 25 years of being in these trenches.

I now have BHRR's Bobby in my care and the good-byes of his two owners to him was so emotionally painful…..

I promise to do as right by this boy as I do with each and every dog that I commit BHRR to.

Gosh….my heart is weeping for them…

His surrender is proof that good people have to let their dogs go and that to do so is really a huge act of love.

On my way home now and heart is very heavy….. 🙁

Update: 10:30 PM June 4th:
I am now home and he is naturally worried and confused. He is glued to me as I am that 'link' between the here/now and the was/then.

He needs a few more pound and the owners are surrendering him due to a very unfortunate/tragic change in their home and can no longer fulfill his needs.

This home took him to be groomed before they met me, they updated his vaccines, they gave me Bobby's two bed pads and blanket, two bags of food, his food stand and bowls, his 'eating ball' to put into the bowl as he eats too fast. I said they did not have to do any of that as we would; yet; they insisted.

They never have done heartworm testing or used preventative (they said they never really understood all of that) and I said I would more than be happy to do that and a fecal and take a good look at his teeth and do any other bloodwork etc. They were quite honest with me re: the difficulty he has been to do nails, his 'fetish' for bicycles and they loved him.

You cannot 'fake' that kind of emotion or anguish of pain on their faces. If you look at two of the photos posted on the 'hopeful' album; they took him swimming and held the best birthday parties for him….this was a hard one for me.

I had been conversing for months with them, hoping and trying to help in anyway possible and wishing for them to keep him yet, their current circumstances just do not.

Life can be so unfair……I promised I would keep them updated and I will.

photo (16)
BHRR's Bobby – June 4th, 2013 @ BHRR

This is how he liked to hang last night…under my legs as I worked on my iPhone at the couch.
He had an 'ok' night. He finally crashed for a few hours around 3:00 AM today and his day has been 'ok' as well.
He has mild SA and working through that too…..