With the way that Jaxson is healing plus rehabbing(he only has one small spot that still is a bit separated since the staples came out); I am thinking that within the next three weeks or so, he can be made available for adoption. I will see how this Sunday’s GD Hike/Walk goes for him as well before making anything more final on his status. Today, BHRR’s Dana decided that Jaxsons E-collar needed to come off and so she helped him. 🙄 We went through so many collars with Dana’s toe amputation and yet, Jaxson still was wearing his original e-collar as of today…sigh…MONKEY Girl! With the 2 bluez boyz now headed to N.S. for shows; I am ok with the collar coming off for when Jaxson gets excited, he likes to run at ‘grab’ at them and the extra length of the E-Collar gave them some protection from his rough mouthing of them. I have noticed the same thing when Jaxson is playing with the other dogs; he has very limited control over himself once his excitement level reaches a certain point and he just wants to run and grab at the dogs in his excitement and when you go to take his collar; he likes to drop right on his side and ‘play’ dead weight on you. He does not like the word ‘no’ during this moments of heightened excitement and in turn, he gets some quiet time in his crate to re-collect himself and calm down and be able to focus again. This is where he will then fall asleep and snore and be refreshed shortly after! Crates are not a ‘punishment’, it is a great training tool plus a ‘safe’ spot for many dogs. Being a puppy, sometimes as the adult, we need to step in and give them a break for they do not know enough to take a break themselves. They just keeping ‘feeding’ off whatever is happening and this is when something can go wrong, if someone is not careful. Distraction and focus training are our next steps with Jaxson for he needs to learn to be gentle with his playing and his adoptive home needs to know when/how to step in when needed to ‘break’ his level of ‘head in the clouds’. That is one strong mouth and we want him to learn how to play properly. It is very clear that he lacks some doggie communication skills but he is learning fast and no dog like Dana to help teach him things. She has a zero tolerance for total brainless gooberness. He is quite respectful of the girls and just tends to play more rough with the boyz. However; he has been really quite gentle with the ‘wee bear cub’ for the most part. Mr. Parker Paws is also still learning to play gentle, especially with those clubs of his. This boy possesses TONS of potential and I would love to see him as a Therapy Dog one day. I am hoping that with the strong foundations he is obtaining here that his new adoptive home will continue along this path for this boy is awesome. The other thing that I want to share about Jaxson is that I received a message from a woman in CT, USA about him and how inspiring Jaxson’s story is and how they also have a ABD(about 90 pounds) who has Osteosarcoma. She wanted to connect with us to discuss more about Jaxson and his amputation etc. and I have left a message back and hope that our paths connect soon. Jaxson has reached people all across the world with his ‘Jaxson’s Journey’ Cause and we continue to thank everyone that is supporting plus rooting for him as he continues along his healing journey. BHRR will continue to take in ‘honourary’ Great Danes as we can for if we have a spot and there is an animal in need; especially the SN’s that are often passed over by others; than BHRR will step up to assist them. Jaxson has given to us tenfold more than we feel that we have given to him since he came to BHRR and he continues to ‘take everyone to heaven’ that he meets!