BHRR's Hailey weighed…*coughs delicately* a plump 53.8 Kgs(118.30 pounds) tonight….I knew that she had put on a few and back to taking my own advise….OFF with those extra pounds…YIKES! A pet peeve of mine is dogs that should not be overweight being made that way due to owners and yup, it happens at BHRR too! AND, off with 5 pounds she shall have!

YET, the great news for her is that we have done an excellent job of working with her leg and getting her personality back to being 'her' and I do think the time has come that we can place her back up for adoption!

Of course, she could not be adopted to a home with many stairs and that home has to understand that this lovely girl needs regular cartrophen injections, a monitored exercise lifestyle, excellent nutrition and that there could well still be a time that her leg could need to be removed. The older she ages though, the less that possibility is there and yet, though, she has continued increased arthritis, she has also greatly stabilized with the holistic and conventional medicine we have been doing with her!

She could well still end up spending the rest of her, what I sincerely hope is great many years of quality filled life, with us her BHRR/BOERS Clan family, yet, I believe that we can at least see if that right matched personality fit home is out there and as we believe in full disclosure, provide all medical records, her detailed blog, x-rays etc. their way, by placing her back up for adoption.

I honestly do believe that while she still does need us in some small ways, she really does not 'need' us any longer in many more bigger ways and that right home meant for her can continue with all that we have done to date with her proactive and preventative Vet care. So, at some point soon, she shall make her very special and huge announcement!