Here is a letter from Sam’s Via his one Foster Mom —-Dear Foster Moms and Forever Mom,

Foster Mom Christie thinks I need to write to help you know more about me, so she is helping me write this letter. I am amazed that the 2 legged animals that are considered higher intelligence can’t communicate with us, yet we understand what they are saying.

I came to Foster Mom Christie from Ft.Rucker. The police found me wandering the streets sick and hungry. I was very scared. The vets treated me for Heartworms and fattened me up a little. Christie came and rescued me because the Army vets couldn’t keep me and they mentioned euthanasia. Christie kept me over a month and boy did I eat well. I love to eat and am not a picky eater. Christie fed me dry and canned food to fatten me up and help my coat shine. Now I will eat anything offered.

I still am scared at times and tend to be shy. I warm up to new humans but it may take a few days for me to trust you. I like Moms and Dads (foster Dad Bob feeds me delicious treats) and even like children. I was adopted but they could not keep me because I did have ‘food aggression’ with their older male Dane. I enjoy playing with Mitzi (a little shi-Tzu puppy) and Brandi (a little Boston terrier) and we get along great. Mitzi likes to nip me and I really don’t mind because she is playing. Foster mom Christie watched us at first but lets us play without supervision. I guess she was afraid Mitzi might step on me – Ha.

Momma Christie says I have an inferiority complex. I have learned to hold my head high and prance but only after I get to know you. Mom thinks my shiny black coat and natural ears are pretty and calls me ‘Pretty Boy Sam’. I do get scared the first time people try to take me inside. Please have patience and keep trying, because I will come in and be good. My favorite TV is the Animal Planet station.

I have all my shots and Mom is sending an envelope with me. I need my Heartworm medicine on the first of each month because I sure don’t want that stuff again.

I like all treats but love pig ears! I have not been to school but Mom thinks I am very smart and just need consistent and patient training. I don’t understand why Mom gives me a treat for sitting. If I sit when she is around she says ‘Good Sam Sit’ and gives me a treat. 2 legged animals are weird. She also treats me when I lay. Can you imagine getting a treat for lying down?

Enough for now Mom says. I hope this helps you understand me and take care of me.
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