I truly wish that those that have been a part of saving Samari’s life could see him now. Sam does not resemble one iota the sad, unconfident, extremely nervous boy who came into our home back in July. Sam looks the world in the eye now and holds his head up high and actually bounces along. He is not a runner but a bouncer and a pouncer! He wears a collar with tags regularily and when we see his body tense begin to tense up in new surroundings, just a comforting word; some loving and a special lean from Sam and he is ready to move on. I am so proud of Sam and his potential new family will be coming here on October 8th to meet him and Cletus. If all goes well; they will be heading home with them on the 11th of October. His new home will have to continue to be patient with Sam and work with him on showing him how beautiful the world can be for him!