Below is a picture taken by the foster mom of the DBB’s before they came to our program when she was here for a visit at the end of October. DOESN’T he look wonderful???? We are still slowly working on LT’s Hygroma and it has reduced in size. He really misses Luna who left last weekend yet that has not affected his appetite, my little ‘SeaBiscuit’. What is very exciting is that his foster mom from NC is coming up in less than 2 weeks for a visit and I cannot wait for them to be reunited! IF it were not for all that she and her husband and their 2 Danes did for LT; he would not have had the basis and foundation he had when he came her. She has already told me that she plans on sneaking him away when she leaves! LOL I hope that she is pleased by how far he has come while under our care and I am full of emotion over this reunion for this goes back to the whole chain of events that brought him into our lives and what he represents for both this family and for us. LT is an incredibly special boy and I speak from heart that he has helped me to heal in many ways over the loss of my beloved Frost ‘T’. This boy will make the most amazing of TD dogs and like all the animals that cross our souls here at BHRR; LT has touched us deeply. The one thing that we continue to work on with LT is it being ‘ok’ for him to stay on our bed when we walk into our bedroom. Even his foster mom from NC has said that he was the same on the ‘doggie’ couch at their place. This will be a lifetime labour of spoiling to show LT that it is ok to lie on soft surfaces and it is his RIGHT to be treated with respect and adoration. The only other thing that I do continue to work on LT is his mischievous ‘tag’ he likes to do when you arms are full! He likes to rush in and sneak a ‘mouthing’ on your tush or thigh and while it does not hurt and it is his way of saying ‘WELCOME HOME! COME PLAY TAG OR CHASE WITH ME’; I would feel more comfortable if we found another way for him to express himself! It is a bit uncomfortable and when you wear shorts; it is a very cold nose of surprise that gets you! LOL